1. Project status

The project remains within several days of schedule and should be completed by mid-July.

2. Building status

  • Minor work remaining.
  • Approximately 50% complete.  Dry rot was found behind the access panel at the rear of the center chimney.  Repair will require providing the correct flashing for the panel.  This panel was installed by ARM to access the chimney for power and cooling lines.
  • Scaffolding scheduled for Thursday, June 21.

3. Various

RL Brown will leave some siding for future use.  We can purchase a much larger quantity of siding that is not needed by them.  All remaining siding is now on site, so we can get an idea of how much is available.  Todd should evaluate how much pool house storage space we can use for siding.  The lumber will no doubt be much more expensive in 5 years when phase 2 is planned.

Siding Report Updates June 19, 2018

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