Hello Everyone,


Each year the Association is required to mail out a copy of the budget and various disclosures to owners throughout the community.  The Board of Directors recently approved the 2018 budget and the new ‘disclosure package’ is being processed for distribution to the members.  Management expects that owners will be receiving their packages in roughly mid-November, so please be on the lookout.


The law requires that this ‘disclosure package’ be mailed out via USPS (snail mail), which costs the Association several hundred dollars each year for printing and postage.  In 2013 the law was changed, however, to allow owners to “opt-in” to receiving these packages via email.  This removes most of the costs completely, and allows you, as an owner, to have a permanent soft-copy.  This ‘opt-in’ policy requires that owners sign a waiver, and because the Civil Code requires a wet signature, Action Property Management will need the original copy of this waiver.  So, if you’re interested in saving the Association, or would just prefer a soft-copy of a hard-copy, please contact Management at 800.400.2284 or dmashal@actionlife.com and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.  Time is running out, so please reach out today!


Thank you,
Derek Mashal

Community Manager

Annual Budget Mailer

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